8:50 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

  • Arvind Kumar Discovery Biology - Microbial Research, Global Research & Exploratory Development, Elanco

Understanding the Gut Microbiota’s Influence in Animal Health

9:00 am Growth Promotion & Antibiotic Induced Metabolic Shifts in the Gut Microbiome


  • Functional footprint of microbial communities in chicken feed four distinct types of AGPs
  • Condition-specific metabolic modelling and analysis of the core cecum microbiome
  • Untargeted metabolomics in support of specific mechanisms of improved bird performance

9:30 am Amelioration or Exacerbation? How the Gut Microbiome Influences Enteric Infections

  • Kevin Bolek Microbials Innovation Director, Phibro Animal Health Corp.


  • Discussing the variation in gut microbiome in response to multiple types of enteric infections
  • Learning how the gut microbiome influences the immune response (locally and systemically) and affects resolution
  • Benchmarking how host microbiome correlates to susceptibility or resistance to an enteric infection

10:00 am Structured Networking


This is your long-awaited opportunity to network with your peers! Take part to catch-up with old friends, meet new faces, and connect with those who can assist your R&D efforts

10:30 am Refreshment Break

Scaling-Up Manufacturing to a Commercial Scale

11:00 am Effectively Achieving Commercial Scale for a New Microbial Product

  • Scott Carter VP, Microbials Business, Phibro Animal Health Corp


  • Effectively commercializing a new microbial product for microbiome impact is much ore than just a successful fermentation process, and is full of many pitfalls along the way
  • Discussing more broadly, the problems and challenges you may encounter when scaling-up production
  • Establishing a good framework for the variety of challenges you face when scaling-up production

Advancing Your Commercialization Strategy for Gut Health Products

11:30 am Panel Discussion – What Lessons Have Companies Learnt from Commercializing Their Products?


  • What were the top 3 lessons that you learnt from commercializing your product?
  • What role does understood mode of action play in communicating your product?
  • How can education of veterinarians be improved to make them more aware of gut health and its importance?

12:15 pm Lunch Break


Your opportunity to grab a bite to eat and undertake some informal networking

1:15 pm Panel Discussion – Integrating Microbiome Products into Mainstream Meat Protein Production & Veterinary Practice

  • Tom Rehberger Director, innovation & Product Development, Arm & Hammer Feed and Food Production
  • Scott Carter VP, Microbials Business, Phibro Animal Health Corp
  • Marcos Rostagno Director, Technical & Regulatory Services, Phytobiotics North America
  • Brenda De Rodas Director, Swine Techincal Innovation, Purina Animal Nutrition


  • How do you design your product into the systems that already exist?
  • What needs are not being met by products currently on the market?
  • What performance criteria do they have with regard to evaluating new products?
  • What operational challenges do they have in bringing in new products to their systems?

Harnessing Diagnostics & Biomarkers for Next Generation Product Development

2:00 pm The Pet Microbiome & Obesity: Predicting, Diagnosing & Treating


  • Identifying novel markers of pet obesity
  • Discovering new species and strains that predict canine and feline obesity
  • Developing novel consortia for obesity treatment

2:30 pm Gut Health Markers of the Efficacy of a Probiotic Solution in Broiler Chickens


  • Gut health is a very complex issue with the microbiota, diet and host response involved
  • Not only disease, but ever more important intestinal integrity and inflammation are decreasing performance
  • Some biomarkers are key to consider in the evaluation of health status of the animal

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshment & Exhibition Booth Break


Connect with leading service providers to this industry who can assist with you reach your research and commercial objectives

Moving From Correlation to Causation – Unearthing the Underlying Mechanisms of Nutritional Products

3:30 pm Correlation to Causation – Understanding the Mode of Action – Moving from Correlative to Causative Studies in Gut Health of Veterinary Species

  • Michael Kogut Research Microbiologist & Lead Scientist, USDA ARS


  • Research should move away from descriptive, associative studies which have not established causality
  • All gut health research geared towards restoring missing functions or eliminating harmful functions
  • Regulating gut health directly affects tissue physiology other than the intestine

Exploring Why Diversity Matters for Gut Health, Our Industry, Our Companies, & Ourselves

4:00 pm Approaches to Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Industry

  • Katie Schoenberg Senior Advisor, Next Generation Development, Chair, Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council, Elanco


  • How diverse perspectives positively influence science and innovation
  • The diversity, equity and inclusion journey within our industry
  • Actions that can be taken right now to improve diversity, equity and inclusion at an organization and individual leve

5:00 pm End of Day One