Chr. Hansen

Expertise Partner

Chr. Hansen develops the probiotics of tomorrow, enabling farmers to produce the high quality, sustainable, and safe food that global consumers demand. We have the world’s largest commercial bank of bacterial strains, and from this strong foundation, we continue to innovate and produce the best bacterial solutions for cattle, poultry, swine and silage. We accomplish this with strong platforms in bioscience technologies combined with extensive research and in close dialogue with customers and business partners.

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Innovation Partner

Diversigen is a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSUR) focused on powering microbiome discovery through comprehensive services for sample processing, sequencing, and bioinformatic analysis. Offering the best analytical science available to accelerate microbiome discovery, Diversigen has sequenced more than 225,000 samples for academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agricultural and environmental applications. From study design to sample processing, data generation, and full custom analysis we ensure you get the most out of your data.



Exhibition Partner

MicroGenDX provides physicians and their patients with the most advanced molecular based microbial testing available. Through the utilization of Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS), MicroGenDX identifies causative microbes within patient samples and matches DNA sequence codes of 50,000+ microbial species with 99.9% accuracy. This technology provides physicians with the precise information needed to make confident treatment decisions based on solid DNA evidence. This knowledge ensures targeted antibiotic selection leading to superior patient outcomes.

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Industry Partner

BRI  is  a  global  biotechnology  company  specializing  in  the  research,  development  and  manufacture  of  high-performance enzymes and microbial feed additives that optimize animal nutrition and support a healthy gut. BRI's products provide solutions to manage rising feed costs and feed ingredient quality variations. BRI's team continues to work on providing sustainable solutions to deal with nutritional challenges facing meat and fish producers around the world.

Phibro Animal Health Corporation

Phibro Animal Health Corporation

Industry Partner

Phibro Animal Health Corporation is a diversified global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of a broad range of animal health and direct-fed microbial products for livestock, helping veterinarians and farmers produce healthy, affordable food while using fewer natural resources. For further information, please visit

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Industry Partner

Jefo is a global leader in high-performance non-medicated nutritional solutions for animals. Founded in 1982 in Canada, Jefo markets its species-specific products worldwide and massively invests in innovation and development to be the supplier of preference for those striving to reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics. With its Life, made easier commitment in mind, Jefo uses a practical approach to share its results based on complex scientific research. To improve animal health and increase human longevity by feeding growing populations with better protein sources.