Calling All Livestock, Companion Animal & Aquaculture Product Developers - Welcome to the 4th Animal Gut Health & Nutrition Summit

Microbiome-targeted interventions hold much promise as a method to modulate animal health, and the need for gut health product innovation is necessary as antibiotics are removed from the production chain and food demands increase. Therefore, it is essential for pioneers from the animal feed and therapeutic industries to unite and harness shared insights and drive the next generation of microbial-based product development. 

Event Highlights

Arm & Hammer
Phibro Animal

Leverage insights from Purina Animal Nutrition, Arm & Hammer Animal Feed & Food Production and Phibro Animal Health Corp, to further your understanding of how to integrate microbiome products into mainstream meat protein and veterinary practices to bridge the gap to the end user and improve your commercial successes.

Understand the latest research in harnessing diagnostics and biomarkers with Gnubiotics and Adisseo, to aid the development of more targeted microbial interventions that improve efficiency and animal health outcomes.

Hills Pet Nutrition
NCSU logo

Equip yourself with the tools necessary to interpret and harness gut health datasets to transform your product development and create scientifically validated interventions, as Hill’s Pet Nutrition, AnimalBiome and North Carolina State University share their latest insights.

Explore the regulatory landscape of microbial animal health products with Phytobiotics North America and Cargill, to stay abreast of the most important considerations when undertaking product development within the animal gut health space.


Establish the importance of diversity in gut health, the industry, companies and individuals within the space with Elanco, to understand how a well-thought out diversity and inclusion approach can positively influence science, innovation and results.

“The 4th Animal Gut Health & Nutrition Summit provides a great opportunity to connect with others in industry working to use insights from the microbiome to solve old problems in new ways”
Holly Ganz, AnimalBiome

“I am excited to discuss and build together a knowledge about what is the best profile of microbiota for each animal species and how we can modulate it”
Elizabeth Santin, Jefo Nutrition Inc.