Potential of Progres® as a dietary supplement for fish and shrimp – two studies to be presented at Aquaculture Europe 2023 conference. This conference, focused on sustainable aquaculture practices, will take place at the Messe Wien Exhibition and Congress Center in Vienna, Austria, from September 18 to 21, 2023. Event gathers experts to discuss the future of diverse and environmentally responsible aquaculture.

The resin acid-based Progres®, developed by Hankkija Oy and owned by AB Vista, has been a success in the feeding of farm animals. Scientifically published studies have proven that Progres® supports the intestinal epithelial condition and reduces pathogen load and diarrhoea, thus improving animal performance and profitability. However, the potential of Progres® in the feeding of aquatic farmed species has been studied only recently.

The two first institutional studies, one with Asian seabass and the other with white shrimp, were conducted at the University of Kasetsart, Bangkok, Thailand, by Dr. Orapint Jintasataporn. The results will be presented at the Aquaculture Europe 2023 -conference, by Dr. Hannele Kettunen (Hankkija Oy). The AE2023 event will take place at Vienna, Austria, 18-21 September 2023

In the experiments, one with white shrimp and the other with Asian seabass, Progres® was added to commercial-type diets. The performance, physiological status and disease-resistance of fish and shrimp  was studied. The results were highly positive, indicating that Progres® benefits the performance and disease resistance of both species. In the coming years, Progres® may become a successful dietary strategy for fish and shrimp.

Oral presentation, Abstract ID# 42, Tue 19th September, Session 10 at 16.45

Kettunen, Vuorenmaa and Jintasataporn: Effects of dietary tall oil fatty acids (TOFA) on performance, immunological status and pathogen (Aeromonas spp.) load of juvenile Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer)

e-Poster presentation, Abstract ID# 43:

Kettunen, Vuorenmaa and Jintasataporn: Effects of dietary tall oil fatty acids with resin acids on the performance and immunity of juvenile white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) with and without an intentional Vibrio parahemolyticus challenge